Faculty of Culture and Education

The purpose of the Faculty of Culture and Education (School Education Course, International Studies of Culture Course, Human Life and Environment Course, and, Arts and Crafts Course) is to offer students a broad, well-balanced education, by providing a diversified curriculum offering four distinct courses.

Times demand a new talented person.

The Faculty of Culture and Education, which was established in 1996, aims to combine culture and education both academically and educationally. We are trying to make further progress in the 21st century.

Our keyword is synthetic wisdom. We aim to solve comprehensively the issues of making a new society and culture, and nurturing of talented people, and education. We aim to cultivate synthetic wisdom in human beings, culture, society, and environment.

This faculty is trying to cultivate people who have synthetic knowledge, can judge synthetically, and have a good communication ability to express their knowledge and opinions to others. For this purpose, the Faculty has been arranging educational systems and curriculums and this year we will improve them in a practical direction.

In this Faculty, both staffs and students cooperate to cultivate talented students with a wide perspective and pioneer spirits for the new age. Such a highly academic and friendly atmosphere will inspire you to study hard to follow your professors, seniors and peers.