An Idea Culture and Education Faculty of Culture and Education

An idea culture and education

The material civilization is overgrowing and people’s senses of value are diversifying. We are now in the social and mental chaos.

Now it is quite urgent to build a new idea of cultural value and cultivate people with creative talent by “synthetic wisdom,” which is based on general understanding of humans, society, and nature.

To build a new idea of cultural value is a problem of what kind of society and culture we will create. It is closely connected with an educational problem of how to cultivate creative talents.

The Faculty of Culture and Education deals with problems of creating a new society and culture and problems of cultivating talents, and education, aiming to cultivate synthetic wisdom for human beings, society, and culture and develop cultural and educational studies in a synthetic way, so that we can handle various kind of problems of our society---the growth of globalization, the rapid development of information industries, and aging societies.

A characteristic

The Faculty of Culture and Education holds a teacher training course and three course for liberal arts, combining them by introducing cultural factors in education, and introducing educational viewpoints in liberal arts, then we aim to establish an educational and cultural study system, so that we can cultivate educators who have educational and professional knowledge in a well-balanced way, and grow promising talents who can exercise their creative ability and play a constructive role in the 21st century.

The students in the Education Course are required to obtain the elementary school Teaching Certificate, but we have a curriculum in which the students in other courses can obtain junior high school or high school Teaching Certificates by taking some other required subjects in addition to the completion of your own major courses.

In the age of globalization, when we feel certain to have more and more time to communicate and symbiosis not only among Japanese but also with foreign people, our course aims to obtain deep academic knowledge, high level of communication ability in foreign languages and an international point of view.

We train talents who have a deep understanding of the growth of human mind and body, and can exercise leadership in their fields in society, especially in lifetime education, social welfare, and teaching sports.

In the age when we should ask ourselves “What is true wealth?”, our course studies region’s life and culture, and arts and crafts in order to enrich our lives.

We have given various kinds of chances for you to learn in our Faculty: transference of the 3rd year students, in-service students, overseas students, and people taking classes for their academic purposes. Our Faculty aims to make academic contributions to the community and international society as an educational and cultural base and as a lifetime education center.