An Idea and a Characteristic Faculty of Culture and Education

An Idea and a Characteristic

An Idea and a Characteristic

School Education Course is designed to train students to be teachers who can understand and handle the social and historical backgrounds, causes, and psychological factors of today’s complicated, serious educational problems.

This course aims to cultivate students to become teachers who have wide perspective of the international society and profound professional knowledge by making the most use of the features of the Faculty of Culture and Education.

According to the Article 1st ( Purpose of Education)of the Educational Law, our course aims to cultivate teachers who can cultivate such pupils as: ”are intelligent enough to think, judge, and behave by themselves, and be mentally rich enough to get aware of other people’s feelings, and have civil stature to try to solve social problems with other people.” In this course students are required to take the first grade of Elementary School Teaching Certificate,. In addition, you can take Teaching Certificates for Special Education and Junior and Senior High Schools.

A Characteristic

This course consists of seven fields of study, from which students are expected to choose their specialty. It is quite unique that we have Science, Mathematics, and Music departments so that teachers can cope with the problems of children’s indifference to science and mathematics, and cultivation of aesthetic sentiments.

The Education of School Subjects Course is divided into 9 fields according to school subjects.