Facilities Attached to The Faculty

Attached to the Faculty of Culture and Education are The Integrated Center for Educational Research and Development and four schools. The Center was established as a statutory-order institute aiming at the improvement of school teachers, the development of class analysis and the collection of data on educational issues at the local areas, and joint researches with educational institutes in other areas.

The attached schools are a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior high school and a special school. Besides, we have educational tie-up with local schools: Honjo Elementary School and Josai Junior High School. These schools, which have unique curriculums according to students’ development, play an important role as institutes for putting into practice educational theories, teaching practice, and educational experiments. With the strong partnership with the Faculty and the Graduate School of Education, they try to develop new educational theories and teaching methods, meeting the demands of the community and contributing to the educational progress in the local areas.

The Integrated Center for Educational Research and Development

The Center was established in April 1984 when other teachers universities and faculties started to have the same kind of institutes for practical education. With the radical reforming of the Faculty of Education, the Center has been changing its functions. The main objective of the Center is to support teachers’ training through students’ teaching practice. For that purpose, the Center is equipped with a class analyzing room, a teaching training room, an audio-visual room, and a computerized room for a study of CAI, which is developed into E-learning through the Internet, paying special attention to educational usages of the Internet and up-to-date educational studies.

The Kindergarten attached to the Faculty of Culture and Education

The Kindergarten was established in 1970 at the site of Saga Shindo Kindergarten. With a strong partnership with the Faculty, it develops the theoretical and practical studies of Child Education, having an Open School and Research conferences for teachers in the community, and giving instructions in practice teaching for the University students.