A Summary of Each Specialization Faculty of Culture and Education

A Summary of Each Specialization

The Course of Health, Welfare, and Sports aims to develop new life science by analyzing our lives scientifically and introducing new perspectives of life welfare, geography, history and culture of local areas as well as common perspectives focusing on clothing, food and housing.

This Course of Environment and Technology aims to cultivate specialists on environments who can make a scientific analysis and anticipation of natural environments and earth environments, fathom solutions to current environmental issues, and sometimes help environmental agencies and government plan or decide on environmental matters.


The Course of Heath and Welfare deals mainly with issues on Heath and Welfare with a view to developing a welfare society in the advent of an aging society. Students can obtain requirements to apply for jobs in welfare work, including social welfare assistant.

The Course of Sports aims to train students to improve their skills in sports activities and scientific coaching, so that they can become professional leaders who contribute to the development of sports culture jn schools, communities, and industries from the perspective of sports as a lifelong activity in an aging society.