An Idea and a Characteristic Faculty of Culture and Education

An Idea and a Characteristic

An Idea and a Characteristic

We need to adapt ourselves to the rapid change of our surroundings, such as technological development, economic development, development of information technology, internationalization, and aging societies. The Human Life and Environment Course aims to realize an “Earth-friendly, Humans-friendly, and Healthy and Comfortable Life.” The Human Life and Environment Course encompasses three fields of study. First, the Regional Study and Family Life Course studies our life styles and environments from a viewpoint of local area and culture in order to create our new life environments.

Second, the Environment and Technology course introduces students to the essential knowledge about air, water and other elements of the global natural environments and analyzes environmental issues in a scientific way, and suggests some solutions to the public administrative agencies and companies. Third, this course provides students with professional knowledge and skills in the fields of health, welfare and sports, so that they can work as instructors and assistants in those fields. It also conducts research in the development of plans for welfare in the aging society of the 21st century.

A characteristic

This course studies human life from viewpoints of natural environment, social environment, regional society and home environment as well as heath, welfare and sports. It provides students with information processing competence necessary to make life richer and more comfortable. Through fieldwork, students learn to make plans for keeping good health, social welfare, and sport events in local areas. Human Environmental Course holds two departments—Life, Environment, Technology, and Health, Welfare and Sports. Students should choose one of the four majors in the first year.