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Professional Training

We need to adapt ourselves to the rapid change of our surroundings, such as technological development, economic development, development of information technology, internationalization, and aging societies. The Human Life and Environment Course aims to realize an “Earth-friendly, Humans-friendly, and Healthy and Comfortable Life.” The Human Life and Environment Course encompasses three fields of study. First, the Regional Study and Family Life Course studies our life styles and environments from a viewpoint of local area and culture in order to create our new life environments.

Students study humans from synthetic viewpoints of human life, environment, health and welfare, and sports. A wide variety of classes are offered in which students can develop their ability to the professional level to analyze issues in our lives synthetically in order to solve them and suggest their opinions and ideas to political and environmental agencies:

  • Fieldwork for Political Planning“First-hand Investigation of the Community” “Social Field Investigation” “Urban System” “Computer Processing”
  • Programs for Welfare Instructors and Assistants, and Problem-Based Lessons with Volunteer Work “Health and Welfare/Sport Volunteer” “”Health and Welfare Planning” “Health Education” “Welfare of the Aged” “ Social Welfare Supporting Practice” “Outline of Nursing Care”
  • Practical Skills and Leadership“Sports IA, IB, IC” “Animal Physiology” “Coaching Theory/Practice”
  • Scientific Ability to Improve Life Environments“Life Management” “Culture of Dress” “Culture of Food” “Food Environment” “Life Environmental Science”
  • Ability to Cope scientifically with Environmental Issues“Environmental Issues and Solutions” “Seminar in Environment and Technology” “Special Lecture on Environmental Science” “Politics of Environment”
  • Ability to Analyze Natural Environments“Kinematics of Water and Air” “Physical Environmental Science” “Biological Chemistry” “Earth Environmental Science”
  • Development Ability of Environmental Maintenance Technology“Energy & Environment” “Environmental System Control” “Human Electronics I” “Housing Environment Materials Engineering”