An Idea and a Characteristic Faculty of Culture and Education

An Idea and a Characteristic

An Idea and a Characteristic

Arts and crafts have a strong appeal for human hearts and create communication among people beyond place, language and custom. They also play an important role of refining our daily lives and inheriting traditions and cultures for their new development.

The Course of Arts and Crafts was founded on the basis of the Special Teacher Training Course of Arts and Crafts at Saga University which had fine tradition and fame of producing talented artists as the only art teacher’s training institute in Kyushu for more than forty years. From this course have been growing many artists who formed a basis for modern arts in Japan, many talented ceramicists with a proud background of Arita, a Mecca of Ceramics, and good plastic artists and instructors.

A characteristic

  1. A variety of artistic fields are offered: Oil Paintings, Japanese Painting, Sculpture, Design, Ceramics, Wood Crafts, Dyeing, Metal Crafts, and History of Art. Every instructor with a long career in arts and teaching is playing an active role in their genre, providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the above-listed fields. Students can gain knowledge of high level expression techniques to be skilled artists and designers.
  2. Students can take lectures directly from visiting professors who are top-ranked artists, such as members of the Japan Art Academy or living national treasures. The curriculums are so unique that students can develop their personalities and talents.
  3. We have enough practical lectures and seminars for students wishing to take a school teaching certificate.