Professional Training Faculty of Culture and Education

Professional Training

  • In the field of Paintings, students are required to learn from basic sketching skills to high level expression techniques mainly about Japanese and European paintings. Students exercise basic to advanced level of techniques so that students can become professional artists.
  • In the field of Sculpture, curriculums are well organized from basic to advanced so that students can smoothly gain high level of expression techniques with various materials for sculpture.
  • In the field of Design, students learn various kinds of figurative principles about plane and solid designs. Students take lessons and seminars on techniques of design from basic to advanced levels so that they can be professional designers.
  • The field of Crafts holds four genres: Ceramics, Wood Crafts, Dyeing, Metal Crafts. Through classes on Ceramics, in particular, taking advantage of Arita, a Mecca of ceramics, students can learn a rich variety of professional-level techniques and first-hand ceramic culture of Japan.
  • In the field of Wood Craft, students can learn high techniques of wood crafts through various classes from furniture making to solid artworks, such as “Basic Wood Craft,” “ Applied Wood Craft,” “Synthetic Wood Craft.”
    In the fields of Dyeing and Metal Crafts, high level craft techniques can be learned in a practical way.