An Idea and a Characteristic Faculty of Culture and Education

An Idea and a Characteristic

An Idea and a Characteristic

These days, when boundaries between nations have been taken off in many fields and information technology has been improving, physical distances are becoming more and more meaningless. In such a global world, we need to respect each other’s culture and cooperate with each other beyond cultural boundaries.

The main objective of the Department of International Studies of Culture is to endow students with the ability to heighten cultural values from a broad international perspective. In order to achieve this objective, students are encouraged to study in an interdisciplinary way, not in an old literary approach, Japanese and Asian cultures viewed from the standpoint of “Japan in Asia,” as well as Euro-American cultures that have had a great effect on the formation of Japanese culture. At the same time, students are expected to gain educational knowledge and linguistic ability so that they can carry out what they learn in society, while nourishing an enriched personality that will understand various kinds of spiritual values which has established human societies.

A Characteristic

Students are encouraged to gain not only knowledge of languages but also communication skills through which they can express their opinions and ideas. This course majors in Euro-American and Asian languages, more than two languages of which are required to be learned in addition to learning foreign languages as general subjects.

In this course, students are expected to learn cultures of Japan, Asian countries, and Europe and America as well as their philosophy, history, and law systems, through which they learn political and economic basis of the world from a wider perspective.

Students can obtain junior-high school or high school teaching certificates by taking necessary subjects, in addition to required subjects on education.