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Professional Training

Professional Training
  • Students in International Studies of Culture are required to take another foreign language in addition to learning a foreign language as a general subject. This course offers native instructors’ small-size classes, and LL classes, through which students can obtain practical language proficiency and understand deeply its culture.
  • This course offers subjects of international relations between Japan and other Asian countries, and Japanese history, literature and language, and Asian thoughts, literatures, languages, history, politics and economics. Students learn to know original features of Japanese culture in comparison to other cultures.
  • Lectures on Euro-American cultures A variety of lectures on Euro-American culture such as “European Culture,” “Comparative Culture,” and “European Societies and Cultures” are provided. Students will acquire cultural knowledge of Euro-America from a global viewpoint and intercultural communicative competence.
  • Lectures on the age of globalization “Laws and Orders of the International Society” studies various types of interdependent relations of the countries in the 21st century and deals with international laws to keep the order of international relations. “Philosophy of the United Nations” studies the functions and issues of the United Nations as a peace-keeping organization, through which students analyze the ideal systems of international cooperation.