From Entrance to Graduation Faculty of Culture and Education

When you enter the university, you have to study classes of tow types for the graduation, the liberal arts subjects and the specialty education subjects.

Liberal Arts subjects

There are three kinds of liberal arts subjects.

1.University introduction

It is a class for introduction to the university studies, including use of the university library, the directions of various exercise rooms, IT instruction, etc. which are essential to acquire education at the university.

2.Common basic subjects

These are classes on, such as foreign language, information processing, and health and sport subjects.

3.Theme subject classes

The learning field is divided into 10 specialty fields, and you must choose one. All the teaching staffs of the university take charge at least one of the classes of the fields, according to the area of their research. This is one of the characteristic features of the educational system of Saga University.

You will study these subjects through four years. Although the purpose of your study is to learn below-mentioned special field, simultaneous study with special field subject and the liberal arts subjects is our philosophy toward learning.

Our aim is to produce teachers and workers of various fields as the members of the society, who can unite the philosophy of the education of the liberal arts and special field subjects, and can guide children and the society.

We call this "four-year consistent education", and this is another characteristic of the education of Saga University.

Specialty education subject

Classified to three basic groups, course common, division special, and elective subjects and specialty level increases in the order.

1.Basic subject

The group contains classes of the subjects that are the foundation of the field. You learn these subjects in order to improve connection of the education from high school to specialized university education.

2.Course common subject

The classes are in accordance with the educational target of each course. The classes are for the knowledge of the course-common.

3.Special subject

Classes are given in order to establish specialty to the students. The classes which make the subject as it's a special field of study.

4.Selective Subject

Classes which can be freely chosen according to your plan. The classes can be chosen from all the classes to increase your specialty nature, or just to extend your academic knowledge.

The specialty fields of our department's professors is shown in the teaching staff's columns.

You will be graduated when you accomplish classes and get credits more those are required by the faculty for students of each division.

In the Faculty of Culture and Education, all of the school education course students are required to get teachers license of Japanese elementary school for their graduation. The science, mathematics, and music teacher division, in education of physically and mentally handicapped children division of a school education course, license of a junior high school teacher can be acquired in addition to the elementary school teacher license.

In non-teacher course, the credit necessary for a teacher's license can be collected if you learn extra of the credit required by your course.