Transfer Students Faculty of Culture and Education

We have a transference system of accepting about 20 students as juniors at the three courses: The Course of Intercultural Studies, the Course of Human Environment and the Course of Arts and Crafts. Since students are graduates of junior colleges, technical colleges and etc., the credits obtained at those colleges can be transferred as a part(half) of the required credits for the university graduation(124 credits). Thus, the transferred students can graduate from Saga University in two years. The transfer entrance examination is given in two ways: one is based on the recommendation from the junior college or the technical college, the other is through paper examination.

Applicants must fulfill one of the conditions listed below at the end of school year of the application.


  1. A graduate from a junior college
  2. A graduate from a technical college
  3. A graduate from a university
  4. A student awarded with a bachelor's degree(the Japanese School Educational Law Article 104-4)
  5. A student who has been enrolled in other university for at least two years and obtained required credits
  6. A student who has completed the specialized course at a special training school(the Japanese School Educational Law Article 132).
  7. A student who has completed 14 years of school education in schools of foreign country.

The applicants for the recommendation based examination must meet qualification (1) or (2) and will be graduated in March just before the enrollment(April) to Saga University and should be recommended by the president of the school.

Further Questions

Please contact to The Admission Center of Saga University for further information.
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